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From Roughness
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We cut to extremely precise standards and specifications. We offer highly sophisticated in-house services product development based on fifty years of experience

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Products and Services

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We can provide you with the various CSR & ESG documents you may need.

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50 Years of experience

About us

Richold SA, is a Swiss-trade mark registered company a Diamond Trader, Cutter and Polisher standing for Quality, Integrity, Precision & Consistency. Richold has created a leading position as one of the major integrated diamond manufacturers to the luxury brands and luxury groups.

Richold was founded in
Year of specialization in luxury brands and groups
Present in 7 countries
Best in Class use for synthetic diamond detection

Corporate Social Responsability


We can provide you with the various CSR & ESG documents that you may need.

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Products and Services

Richold is the leading supplier of renowned worldwide watch and jewellery brands

Richold manufactures to very precise standards at plants in India and Sri Lanka and offers extremely advanced in-house design services.

Generic polished goods:
  • Very fine and ideal make in full cut and single cut diamond
  • Precision baguette
  • GIA certificates from 0.50ct to 10ct in all shapes
Highly sophisticated in-house design services in support of customers’ product development requirements; diamond manufacturing to extremely precise standards and specifications.